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Detroit is Michigan’s Only City in Top 100 for Auto Theft Claims

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Detroit is Michigan’s Only City in Top 100 for Auto Theft Claims

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

The National Insurance Crime Bureau issues a ranking of the top cities for auto theft called the Hot Spot report. In the 2013 Hot Sort report issued last month, Michigan only had one city in the top 100. Surprise: It’s Detroit coming in at 23. The next closest Michigan city is Flint which came in at 153. One rather shocking element of the report is that 9 of the top 10 cities in this years report are in California. Despite the better than expected placing on the report, Michigan residents and auto insurance carrier face serious loses here in cities like Detroit and Flint. Michigan is also facing serious loses related to fraudulent auto related injury claims which can launch into the six figures in medical costs in a very short time. Sherlock Investigations is a leading private investigative agency here in Michigan and regularly assist in auto theft investigations, interviewing claimant’s and witnesses, verifying service locating, locating and interviewing witnesses and the like. If you work with an auto carrier and need assistance, please contact one of our team. We look forward to helping.

Michigan Auto Insurance Fraud & Premium Evasion

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

For many in Michigan, the line between saving money and committing insurance fraud can be blurry. One major form of Michigan auto insurance fraud that is frequently committed by the average person rather than a hardened criminal is called premium evasion. Premium evasion is the act of obtaining insurance and intentionally concealing or misrepresenting information to the agent when obtaining auto insurance coverage. Some of the most common forms include using another persons address as the address where the vehicle is supposed to be kept. (i.e someone in a high crime neighborhood like Flint or Detroit use an address in a safer community as their own) The reasoning is simple, claims are less likely to be incurred in some communities than others, so switch (lie about) your location and you save money.  Another example is getting the policy in one person’s name when the vehicle is actually being used by someone else who would be charged more for their coverage based on things like driving record, commute, credit, etc.  The reality is that the insurance company has not charged you an appropriate rate based on your risk profile because you mislead them with false information.

Michigan insurance carriers regularly use Michigan private investigators like Sherlock Investigations to uncover premium evasion through interviewing, background checks and neighborhood canvassing. The cold hard facts can lead to the auto insurance carrier rescinding the policy or even in denying a claim.